That Build Relationships


Opportunities open up when
you put yourself in the right place
and do the things others
aren't willing to do.

STOP Marketing!  START Sharing!

Business is evolving and it’s no longer about CEO’s hiding in ivory towers. Business is social, and it includes being genuine, authentic, and speaking to prospective clients.
I teach social entrepreneurship.

Your Digital Formula PLATINUM.  For High-Achieving Entrepreneurs Creating Lasting Relationships With Readers, Viewers, Clients and Buyers of Your Programs. Your knowledge is important BUT there is something holding you back from helping more people and growing your business at the same time. Your presence online is not reaching the people you need in order to make a bigger impact in the world with your message. That's why I created Your Digital Formula.

Facebook LIVE System.  Be a Facebook hero!  MASTER Facebook LIVE and You'll Have An Unfair ADVANTAGE! If Facebook LIVE isn't a part of your marketing's time to start! The algorithms of Facebook will weigh heavily in YOUR FAVOR the moment you do (and for years to come)! People spend 3X longer watching LIVE video (over recorded). THIS IS BIG! PLUS, you'll get 135% more organic reach and exposure with a Facebook LIVE, but you have to know how to do it THE RIGHT WAY!

The Viral Niche System.  Practical and Authentic Content Marketing For Coaches and Service Providers Around The World.  A powerful online course helping you: Connect with top Facebook page owners; Get more Facebook page likes; Increase traffic to your blog; Get more email sign-ups; PLUS, make money from your blog

Video Nation. Video isn't just for YouTube anymore...DOWNLOAD 10 viral videos per month for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube.   The power of video is enough to skyrocket your engagement and social media presence.

When You GROW, Everything GROWS!

Successful people invests in their own personal growth and development.  Why?  Because when you GROW...everything else in your life will respond accordingly. I teach and practice this lifestyle with commitment and it's lent to more meaningful relationships and more prosperity.  

The Magic. This is the Law of Attraction for smart people—teaching you the real way to attract what you want in your life (even if you've the Law of Attraction before).  

COMPLETE Life Affirmations Package.  The complete series is available (or each one separately).  This popular series includes everything from health, Chakra opening, increasing your confidence, to wealth and prosperity. 

How To Become an ADVANCED Early Riser. Imagine having an extra 21 hours added on to your week, what would you do with that time?  


Wealth BUILDING includes using the instruments available for you to BUILD IT!

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, is revolutionising the way we lead our lives AND it has the power to make you wealthy if you invest early enough.  It's like investing in Amazon or Apple in 2002.

CYT Crypto for Smart People. This guide is for anyone trying to understand and profit from cryptocurrency.  It's not too late to learn and invest in cryptocurrency!  

CYT Crypto Monthly. Stay up to date with weekly calls on some of the best hidden gems in the Cryptocurrency market! 

Some of the amazing heart-centered entrepreneurs we work with!

"Technology alone doesn't build a business; but using it to grow your audience and meet them where they are builds strong connections where trusted bonds lend to win-win relationships—growing a business doing something you love with amazing clients." ~Steven Aitchison

"I'm a writer, not a social media expert. When I first met Steven, I didn't have any idea what to do to grow my platform and brand. That's where he's the expert. When you want to get something done, you work with the best. Steven is the best at helping people grow their platform, especially on Facebook. He's ahead of the curve. He constantly pays attention to the changes going on and continues to provide information and feedback to help his tribe grow. "

Dara Kurtz
Author, Crush Cancer: Personal Enlightenment From A Cancer Survivor

"The Your Digital Formula Group has allowed me to connect with like-minded thought leaders and entrepreneurs for mutual support, content sharing, and partnerships. "

Barrie Davenport
Multiple Best Selling Author

"I'd seen other 'social media gurus' making promises about how they could help but none of them felt right. Steven's YDF just felt genuine and instantly appealed to me. I definitely made the right decision! My page now attracts more 'likes' every single day, than it gained in the previous 6 months before I started. This growth has totally changed my business and helped me to reach a much wider international audience. People on my page are messaging me asking for products and services that I am now developing specifically for them, such as online courses and expanding into other platforms. It really has happened very quickly and totally surpassed my expectations. "

Steve Wentworth
Spiritual Teacher and Writer

"This is the best investment I've made for my business. Steven created a program that's easy to learn and FUN. The networking is hugely valuable as is each module Steven created. Thank you Steven for being the creator of such an amazing program, my business has grown beyond the goals I set for it...your vision was bigger than my own and I’m grateful."

Maria Flynn
Creator One Wise Life

"YDF and the fantastic private group have been key ingredients… This combined with sheer grit and determination, has seen my website visitor numbers soar to a point where a significant, long term income stream is no longer just a dream, it’s actually becoming a reality."

Steve Waller
Creator of Conscious Rethink

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