Amassing over 5 million followers, his expertise in social media, blogging, personal growth and development, coaching, and growing an online business is highly sought after. His clients are online entrepreneurs looking to live their passion, purpose—growing a heart-centered business and Steven is showing them how to reach millions across the globe with ease.

Business is evolving and it’s no longer about CEO’s hiding in ivory towers. Business is social, and it includes being genuine, authentic and speaking with prospective clients in ways that are new and innovative!

Steven teaches social entrepreneurship, and that includes sharing your knowledge using the power of social media.

Social media is a powerful tool to grow your business, share your message AND for giving back to the world in expansive and healing ways. 



Terri Cole, LCSW Real Love Revolution and Boundary Bootcamp

"Through YDF my fan page grew from 9K to over 150K in less than a year! There was almost no engagement before YDF and now I am grateful for my robust, responsive, highly engaged tribe. Steven isn’t just a genius marketer but a true leader with the unique vision of changing the world by empowering one entrepreneur at a time and teaching them how to pay that empowerment forward. Everything he shares in his blogs, live streams and groups come directly from his very big heart and brilliant mind. His honesty, humility, and kindness are rare and wonderful—Steven TRULY cares and is truly reflected in his amazing tribe. Once you are lucky enough to be in Steven’s orbit, you’ll never want to leave! I’m so grateful to have this man in my life, and 
I am honored to be one of his success stories!”


Steve Wentworth Writer, Author, Speaker

“I'd seen other 'social media gurus' making promises about how they could help but none of them felt right. Steven's YDF just felt genuine and instantly appealed to me. I definitely made the right decision! My page now attracts more 'likes' every single day, than it gained in the previous 6 months before I started. This growth has totally changed my business and helped me to reach a much wider international audience. People on my page are messaging me asking for products and services that I am now developing specifically for them, such as online courses and expanding into other platforms. It really has happened very quickly and totally surpassed my expectations.”


Maria Flynn, Entrepreneur One Wise Life and ABUNDANCE Bootcamp

"There is no way my tribe would have ever found me without Steven. For years my Facebook page stayed at 1000 followers without much engagement and I gave up. In 2015 I started again with One Wise Life (and Your Digital Formula and Steven Aitchison’s coaching by my side, too). My Facebook Page grew to over 267K with new followers EVERY SINGLE DAY. Requests for programs and coaching landed in my inbox almost daily, leading me to write my first ebook, Funk To Freedom and co-found Mojo Mastery. My tribes are active, connected, inspired and GROWING. I feel deeply fulfilled sharing my story, passion, and message and there’s no way I’d be living my dream if it weren’t for Steven. I’m so grateful to have this beautiful man in my world."


Who Is Searching Me Out?

 High-Achieving entrepreneurs from around the globe who are experts in personal development and spirituality, teachers, healers, and authors who just can’t seem to figure out how to grow a dedicated and engaged online following.

•  High energy Facebook page owners whose only engagement is on their personal page from family and friends and not the tribe and prospective clients they’re meant to help.

•  Online entrepreneurs tired of struggling alone and who want a thriving online community providing feedback, answers, guidance, and who are amazing sounding boards for each other.



If you think you can’t take your business online, grow a Facebook page and build an engaged tribe online, think again…

Unlike any other time in history can you reach the millions of people with your message who need to hear it

While I was busy building my own personal development business online, I discovered a talent that was more important to share with others.

Nearly every day I was getting messages from people online asking me how I was able to grow an engaged audience so quickly. My mission to serve others became more possible by simply teaching more people about the methods I was using, and before long, I was helping more people help more people.

Fast forward to today and my global tribe in Your Digital Formula reach an average of 100 million people a day!  ~Steven  

Our Members Are High-Achievers

Several of our members have been featured on Tedx, BRAVO, CNN documentaries, Forbes Magazine, Psychology Today Magazine, Amy Porterfield’s podcast, and have published best selling books.

"Your message is important to share.  The time to share it is now.  The world needs YOU."  ~Steven Aitchison



Not accustomed to fancy titles, Steven is often described as a thought leader by his following. 

Pouring his heart and soul into every project and program he creates and turning them each into unique masterpieces helping people around the world design brighter more fulfilling futures doing what they naturally love to do.

Scotland’s most followed person on Facebook and yet hardly anybody knows him!

It’s funny, yes…but in the online world, Steven is very well respected…

  #1 personal development blogger in the U.K. with over 77,000 subscribers and over 200,000 page views per month.

•  Most influential personal-improvement bloggers on the web for 2016 in SUCCESS Magazine.

•  Steven’s Facebook page is one of the top 20 Facebook communities for the U.K. listed by Social Baker

•  Authored 4 books and has created over 11 programs including Your Digital Formula, Instant Article Success, Messenger Masterclass, Video Nation, Positive Life Affirmations, The Magic, and more…

•  Combined, members of Steven’s Your Digital Formula program reach over 100 million people across the globe. 


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