I use a number of strategies to identify up and coming coins to trade every single day and I pass them on to you.

Watch the video below and I'll show you how I profit every single month even in a bear market like the one in the whole of 2018.


Some Testimonials From Our Members

"I discovered CYT Crypto in February when I started my crypto journey buying a bag of TRX and not knowing what I was doing! I searched on YouTube for TRX coming across the CYT Crypto channel there having waded through some ‘moon/lambo’ channels which had me thinking I would be owning Mars by breakfast! What drew me to CYT was the genuine warmth and willingness to help people expand their learning in a calm and considerate way. As a trainer myself in a different field I know how important this is when people are starting out on a new learning path. My learning grew exponentially just from the live streams as did my various investments for the long term. This made me take the decision to purchase the CYT Crypto course and become a premium member. My learning has accelerated massively since taking the course. What I like about it is it draws the seemingly disparate strands of the pioneering crypto space into one place, it’s structured and allowed me to take the course at my own pace. Steve often goes over and above the call of duty for example this morning (Saturday) by putting out calls to the Premium members when he didn’t have to. This is just one example of many as to why I believe CYT Crypto is of benefit to anyone looking to make investments for both the long and short term. Invest in yourself and the knowledge base first by becoming a premium member. Not only that I have learned a tonne from the other members in Premium in a positive and safe environment. It’s always okay to ask questions with people more than willing to help. In the crypto space so full of trolls, FUD’ers and general negativity at times CYT is an example of how it’s supposed to be. I’d like to make clear I’ve chosen to write this testimonial off my own back as I’m more than happy with what I’ve gained from the investment in the course and premium group. I’ve also never purchased an online course before so I was a bit sceptical at first and hummed and harred about ‘making the leap’, I’m very pleased I did and you should too. You won’t regret it."

Member of CYT Crypto Monthly

"Having joined the CYT program a couple of months back I realised after completing Steve’s step by step course I needed to stop chasing 100x coins ( not to say we won’t come across them) and do some serious trading. With the latest 3 to 6 strategy and daily calls with a few long term gems Added I feel I’m now well placed for the coming mass adoption of Crypto. Best investment I’ve made in a long while!"

Tony P
Member of CYT Crypto Monthly

"The premium group is priceless for not just for the calls but for the maturity, knowledge shared, sense of family, support and openness. There is no such thing as a foolish question. Someone is willing to help at just about any moment around the glove. I'm not just saying this as an admin, I'm saying it as a member, as would most any other member. The calls are based off of solid research and TA signals. They are plentiful and the learning potential is endless. It's always expected that we do our own research. One brilliant thing to consider is, you can tell someone a good coin and feed them for a day, teach them to spot the good coins and trade successfully and feed them for a lifetime and maybe for generations !"

James Oklahoma
Member of CYT Crypto Monthly

"The CYT monthly course and premium channel has been an inspirational choice for me. If you think Steve’s daily YouTube shows are good then the premium channel will delight you. It’s full of like minded people who are all friendly and willing to help and support each other. There is nothing but respect and friendship on the channel and if you stick to the program, the monthly cost is a small price to pay compared to the possible gains and I have easily made back what I paid to join. It’s a great, positive community and everybody is welcome."

Mike Dee
Member of CYT Crypto Monthly


Steven has been trading cryptocurrencies for less than a year but has managed to grow his portfolio by 1,000% (At one point it was up by 2,000% before the crash in January/February of 2018).

Now his focus is on teaching others his simple strategy and also sharing the calls he makes with others so everyone can share knowledge and wealth.


Every day you will receive calls for you to trade should you wish.   I obviously cannot guarantee huge profits but a lot of our members have made a lot of many with these trading calls.


When you join CYT Crypto Monthly you will get exclusive access to our private groups on Facebook and Telegram.  You can join both of them or one of them, it's up to you.

The community are an amazing bunch of people who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and have different levels of knowledge from beginners to people who have been trading a long time.



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