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People spend 3X longer watching LIVE video (over recorded). THIS IS BIG!

PLUS, you'll get 135% more organic reach and exposure with a Facebook LIVE, but you have to know how to do it THE RIGHT WAY!


Creator of Your Digital Formula and Messenger Masterclass

My programs help you grow your online coaching program, but that's not all...

My passion, my goal, my mission is to show you that there is a way to build a coaching business online doing something you absolutely love!

With my Brilliant Facebook LIVE System, I'll show you EVERYTHING you need to know  to increase subscribers, generate leads, and make your Facebook LIVE show the lead generator it's meant to be!

My Top Students Reach Over 30,000 Views A Week!

With a commitment to give value to your viewers, you can grow your audience and increase your online influence ORGANICALLY and authentically. I'll show you EXACTLY how to tap into your own MAGIC!

Think again...

You became a coach because you believe you have something special to offer your clients.  A Facebook LIVE will give your prospective clients a chance to know, like and trust you with rapid results! You have something unique to's time to let them know...and make your Facebook LIVE show the lead generator it's meant to be!

Think again...

With minimal effort, I can show you some of the key strategies that so many others OVERLOOK that MUST HAPPEN before you even click that LIVE button!  These easy to follow strategies will get you going on the road to success...and make your Facebook LIVE show the lead generator it's meant to be!

Think again...

From beginner to advanced, I've included EVERYTHING you need to know to get your Facebook LIVE up and running!  Including the little details like free software, camera ready tips and tricks to get you feeling and looking AMAZING...and make your Facebook LIVE show the lead generator it's meant to be!







Why Facebook LIVE?

Gary Vaynerchuk, social media expert and entrepreneur stated, "Facebook gives you the ability to target consumers like we've never seen before in digital."  He contends (and I agree) that Facebook must be an "enormous priority."

Connect Person To Person—if you're not willing to step up and talk about your speciality, why would you expect anyone else to do it for you?

Online Presence—in seconds and that matters because an impression and a message can take hold 1000X better and faster via a LIVE video over any other online method.

Perhaps the better question to ask yourself is, where are my prospective clients and how can I show up and deliver a meaningful CALL TO ACTION generating better leads than ever before on Facebook?

Get INSTANT Access To The Brilliant Facebook LIVE System Now!

My program will teach you the power of Facebook LIVE. I'll teach you how to set up, how to grow your audience—and I'll share my strategies that TOO MANY OTHERS OVERLOOK! It's time your clients know about YOU, your coaching programs, and your unique message. How can prospective clients grow to trust you, if they can't even find you?

"Celebrating a wonderful year! This last year has been one of the best years of my life with so much growth. I've reconnected and made new connections. Joining YDF has not only helped me grow my page. I get to interact and learn from some of the most amazing people who help me grow and dream big! For that I am truly grateful!"

Leticia Rae Quijano
Facebook Page, Leticia Rae - Finding The Silver Lining

"I launched my new product, JAY WELLNESS today after much nervousness and hesitation. Couldn't have done it without the encouragement of Iva, Maria, Steven and the other Bravehearts! Thank you!! "

Jen Atkinson
Facebook Page, Jen Atkinson Yoga

"I'd seen other 'social media gurus' making promises about how they could help but none of them felt right to me. Then a friend of mine shared a link to Steven's YDF and it just felt genuine and instantly appealed to me. I definitely made the right decision as I now have nearly 280,000 likes! "

Steve Wentworth
Facebook Page, Steve Wentworth

"Thank you Steven for creating the program and the group and to Maria who has always been available to help me. I feel that this group keeps me aligned with my purpose... not just about marketing."

Michelle House
Facebook Page, RICH Living with Michelle House

"I'm deeply grateful for meeting Steven and joining YDF. I've not only grown my Facebook page, I've been able to reach so many beautiful people with open hearts and open minds who are also looking for a positive change in their lives, my programs are inspired by them and created for them. "

Maria Flynn
Facebook Page, One Wise Life

"Without YDF I have to admit that I would probably have given up and gone back to my brick and mortar business roots in 2016. It has been amazing to feel part of the YDF "movement", even if it is only in such a small way. The special friendships I have made here, the love and support that exists for every's a truly unique community."

Lorri Emmott
Facebook Page, Life Rhino with Lorri Faye

"Steven truly cares, and is reflected in his amazing tribe. Once you're in his orbit, you'll never want to leave! I'm so grateful to have this man in my life, and I'm honored to be one of his success stories!"

Terri Cole
Facebook Page, Terri Cole, LCSW


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