YDF Scotland 2017

15th - 16th June 2017
Edinburgh - Dundas Castle

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1 Amazing Venue, 8 Brilliant Speakers, 2 Inspirational Days

YDF Scotland is for online entrepreneurs who want to take it to the next level.  Whether you're just starting on your journey, or an experienced online entrepreneur, these two inspirational days are guaranteed to transform your mindset and grow your business.

The speakers have been carefully selected with you in mind and all the talks are designed to be transformational for you and your business.



This is an amazingly beautiful castle 8 miles outside the of Edinburgh, so not only will you be attending YDF Scotland event but you will get to take in the sites of possibly the most beautiful city in the world.


The speakers at YDF London 2016 were amazing and 2017 promises another great line up of speakers, including a keynote from a special someone you won't want to miss! Another jaw dropper.


This event promises to not only grow your business with ideas, but also be truly inspirational—giving you a huge shift in your mindset with regards to your life and your business.

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The Speakers

Steven Aitchison

Steven Aitchison is the founder of Your Digital Formula and The YDF Seminars.

His programs have helped online entrepreneurs seize the immense opportunity and ability to attract their unique market using social media and grow their heart centered business.

Steven’s expertise of social media, personal development, and online business have been the conduit for online entrepreneurs to gather, learn, network, partner and experience real online success.

Your Digital Formula is one of the leading programs available for online entrepreneurs and collectively member pages of Your Digital Formula are reaching over 100 million people around the world.

Coaches, writers, teachers and service providers are among Steven’s biggest fans who have have taken Your Digital Formula to transform their business and their life to a level even they didn’t know was available to them…until now.

Clicks Here to learn More About His Programs

Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is the Operations Manager for Your Digital Formula, the owner of OneWiseLife.com and co-founder of Mojo Mastery.

With over 213,000 Facebook followers and a daily Facebook show reaching over 25,000 people weekly, Maria has fostered a very dedicated fanbase spanning the globe.

Maria’s finesse to utilize social media to build online tribes and authentic connections in this digital age has helped her reach the hearts and minds of successful online entrepreneurs and self-motivated individuals to take solid actions to connect, network and experience growth on all levels from personal to professional. Maria believes that social media is a powerful tool for heart centered entrepreneurs to grow their business and change the world.

OneWiseLife.com | Mojo Mastery

Terri Cole

Terri Cole is a New York-based, licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert and founder of The Real Love Revolution. 

For two decades, Terri has worked with some of the world’s most well known personalities from international pop stars, athletes, Broadway performers and TV personalities to thought-leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs.

She empowers over one hundred thousand women weekly through her published articles and blog posts, therapeutic meditations, online courses, and her popular Hello Freedom podcast.

She has been featured as an expert therapist and master life coach on A&E’s Monster In-Laws, TED X, The Lisa Oz Show, Real Housewives and had a weekly radio show on Hay House Radio.

Most recently was on the cover of Inspired Coach magazine.

Real Love Revolution | Terri Cole FB Page

Ben Saltzman

Ben Saltzman, MA. is an igniter of human potential, he is an internationally known seminar facilitator, shadow dancer, fortune 500 leadership trainer, coach to spiritually minded multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, and as a radio personality he was co-host of the Mind, Body Spirit show.

Ben has a Masters Degree in Organizational Development from John F. Kennedy University he's taught seminars in the Enneagram and Transformational Coaching at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and co-founded the Israeli Enneagram Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Past clients include: Hewlett Packard, The Gap, Levi Strauss, the United States Airforce, Guidant, Broadview, Intel Corp., Hunt Oil, Exar, BOSCH, The Global Fund for Women, Capricorn Investments, and numerous high profile entrepreneurs. 

Visit the website for more information www.touchedandtransformed.com

Lauren Jawno

Lauren Jawno is an Elite Certified High Performance CoachTM and the Co-Founder of Mojo Mastery. Published Author, Speaker and Trainer, Lauren works with clients from all around the world and is a highly sought after keynote speaker in North America and the UK.

Lauren’s career spans almost 2 decades and she’s renowned for being able to quickly and accurately help her clients tap into what they cannot access themselves and guide them towards unique solutions with proven strategies, tools and insights—creating maximum transformation so that her clients can live the authentic, meaningful and successful lives they desire.

Presently, Lauren is the Director of Coaching for Brendon Burchard where she not only coaches his elite clients but also creates new programs and manages and develops his coaching team.

You can learn more about Lauren on Facebook.

John Kim

John Kim LMFT (The Angry Therapist) pioneered the online life coaching movement seven years ago, after going through a divorce which led to his total re-birth.

He quickly built a devoted following of tens of thousands of fans who loved the frank and authentic insights that he freely shared on social media.

Kim became known as an unconventional therapist who worked out of the box, and when he built out a coaching team of his own, launched an entire movement to change the way we change.

SHFT | The Angry Therapist


Dave Moore

An Iconoclastic thinker whose ideas have transformed the effectiveness and quality of life for thousands of people and organizations around the world, Dave Moore is the Founder and Creator of HPT-Transformation and REGENERETICS... the most cutting-edge and contemporary methods of Transformation.

Over the last 30 years he has sold, and trained people to sell, timeshare, double-glazing, insurance, cars, yachts, cable, satellite and advertising. Over a 5 year period he went from being a door knocking salesman to National Sales Trainer for Telewest/ Comcast.  He now works exclusively as a life/business coach for a select group of people around the globe.

“I learned my craft on the street and so did my team.  I read and watch a lot of material but it all goes back to one thing; experience.  When I stand in front of an audience, however large or small that group is, I do it with total confidence because I have been in exactly the same position as them and I have had exactly the same challenges.  I can stand there with impunity because I can say ‘I understand, because I have done your job, I have felt JUST like you do now’ and they know it.”


Jack Black

“Extraordinary Men & Women are Positive and they don’t do negativity. Negativity causes people to talk themselves out of opportunity.”

Jack Black is the Founder and Course Director of MindStore International Ltd. In the 1980s, he was a social worker in the underprivileged East End of Glasgow. After seeing two colleagues destroy their health through the stress of work whilst only in their 40s, and then experiencing a similar collapse himself, he decided to discover how stress could be managed and personal development harnessed to allow people to fulfil their potential. MindStore was the culmination of his findings and now Jack is recognised as one of Europe’s leading authorities on personal development and is an internationally renowned keynote speaker.



"It was a true spectacle of strangers coming together to shape the future landscape of digital media - we had a blast and every single person who was not there was missed... But I reckon this is just the beginning of something truly huge and wonderful!"

Amit Sodha
Entrepreneur/Radio Host

"#‎YDFLONDON‬ was a huge success!! High energy, heart-centered entrepreneurs gathering in one place was inspiring and motivating to everyone who attended. Tons of ideas and networking...it's going to be super to see where everyone takes their business after this event."

Maria Flynn

"Just wow. That's all I can say. I wished it had lasted longer. Like a week. So beautiful and amazing and such incredible energy. You can't put these feelings into the proper words, really. Thanx Steven Aitchison. You're the most awesomest in the whole wide world really."

Iva Ursano

"The London YDF Event was off-the-charts brilliant, with so much energy and amazing people... the speakers gave out brilliant advice and everyone I met was a joy! My only complaint was that there was not enough time. Needless to say, I am thrilled to hear that #YDF Scotland is going to be a 2 day event! Brilliant! "

Maria McMahon

"YDF London was absolutely amazing! Can't wait for YDF Scotland 2017"

Allanah Hunt



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