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The Viral Niche System

A powerful online course helping you:

Connect with top Facebook page owners
• Get more Facebook page likes
Increase traffic to your blog
• More email sign-ups
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Network With Top Facebook Page Owners

You'll learn how to network with top Facebook page owners in your niche, helping you get recognized as an expert along with them.

Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Finally start getting the right traffic to your blog and to your website.

Get More Facebook Page Likes

Grow your Facebook page with more likes from people interested in your area of expertise.

Another Successful Resource From Steven Aitchison, Creator of Your Digital Formula—one of the top online programs for personal development coaches and resource providers helping them grow their online presence, share their message, and grow their business.

Content Marketing Is More Than Just Blogging

Valuable content is the best way to attract the right clients to you, but you have to know how to do it strategically, and maintain your expert reputation to drive profitable customer actions. The Viral Niche System is one simple way to get started!

Getting Your Blog SEEN, READ, and SHARED Is Helping Coaches and Service Providers Grow Their Business, So They Can Help More People...


An Amazingly Simple System!

From the creator of Your Digital Formula, Steven Aitchison, the #1 blogger in the U.K. with over 3.5 million followers worldwide. Steven's programs have successfully helped coaches, service providers and heart centered online entrepreneurs GROW their audience, SHARE their message and GROW their business.

"I had my first sale from someone I don't know into my CARMY Manifestors Club group because of my fb presence. She's from Slovakia! My database is growing slowly and I am getting click throughs to my website and sign-up."

Amanda, Emotional Strength Trainer

"One the first things I implemented was the strategies taught in the Viral Niche System and it connected me to some of the top bloggers as well as help grow my online presence!"

Maria, Entrepreneur and Creator One Wise Life

"I signed a $4.7K coaching client who found me on Facebook. She even said that one of the reasons she really wanted to work with me is that I respond to all the comments on my page. "Who does that anymore," she asked. YDF does! Thanks to Steven Aitchison and the entire group. I can now officially say my Facebook strategy has paid off."

Jennifer, Executive Coach and Entrepreneur

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This program has been used by bloggers around the globe.  Video training plus online support from Steven and his team. It's time to get your blog SEEN, READ, and SHARED.

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