My online presence has allowed me to become financially self sufficient. 

More importantly I have now taught hundreds of other people around the world the exact same blue print I used to grow my audience and my business.

Some of The Amazing Heart Centered Business Owners We Work With


We Believe In YOU!

We know that if you're struggling to grow your business—it's not a reflection of your talent. Not every brilliant coach, healer, speaker, or writer has equal brilliance navigating the online world!  If you had a client that was struggling, would you give them the strategies you know work? Of course! And we'll do that for you, too.

Who We're Helping... 

We love ACTION oriented business owners who REALLY understand that growth and development is vital to helping their clients create the life they LOVE. We're passionate about business owners like you, because when we help YOU grow and develop your online business—it'll help you make more money and—you can continue to help MORE PEOPLE!
















Our Members Have ONE THING IN COMMON...

They know HOW social media can help them GROW their business WITHOUT wasting thousands of dollar$ on ads.

Hundreds of members worldwide are enjoying their online journey...

By growing a heart centered business, many are finally able to CUT THE TIES—NEVER needing to go back to a job that suffocated their spirit! What secrets have they learned?

Secret #1

Engage, Educate, and Entertain your followers the RIGHT WAY and you'll keep them coming back for more!  I'll prove to you that you can become an online expert and influencer sharing your unique message...without spending a lot of money on ads.

Secret #2

The Facebook stack will save you hours of time and teach you how to make your content go VIRAL.  I share with you EXACTLY how to grow your audience. Imagine an increased flow of inquiries and clients...without spending a fortune on ads.

Secret #3

You can use your content on Facebook to make money and GROW your business. You don't have to keep developing something new every time! It's time to work smarter...without spending money on Facebook ads.

How would you like to finally get the blueprint and the support you deserve to help you help more people?

I have the program that is the complete blueprint that will transform the way you look at Facebook and the way you grow your online coaching business.

What's inside Your Digital Formula doesn't have to be a secret any longer...


The Best Tribe On Facebook!

We affectionately call the Your Digital Formula Members the Bravehearts! They share their message with the world and welcome each new tribe member with joy and a genuine desire to support you!  PLUS membership to the YDF LIVE Group helps you grow your Facebook LIVE show viewership!

Value $997

YDF LIVE Group Membership

Every Your Digital Formula member gets access to the YDF LIVE Group!  Share your LIVE show while you're LIVE (or share the replay) and help grow your viewership. This public group grows every day, but ONLY members of YDF can share their LIVEs on the feed.

Value $197 a year

Weekly LIVE Q & A

There is always something new in this digital age. Each week Steven will dive deep into the questions from the Bravehearts.

Value $1,164 p/a






Perhaps the BETTER QUESTION to ask is, where is your audience and where are your prospective buyers and clients?

With nearly 2 billion daily active users, Facebook is the leader in social media and networking.

84% are between the ages of 30 - 49 located mostly in urban areas (12% in the USA).

77% of adults using Facebook have an income over $75K+.

College graduates lead the education demographics for Facebook at 79%.

79% of internet users login into Facebook daily and for this reason alone, makes Facebook the leader for most businesses using Facebook to reach their ideal audience.

As Online Business Owners, It's Up To Us To Evolve Along With Social Media

"The acceleration of development in communicaton technologies has forced human beings to connect in totally new and different ways. We’re being called to higher standards of authenticity, integrity, and transparency, and we are compelled to truly care about the world and all the people in it.”

~Mari Smith, Premier Facebook Marketing Expert and Social Media Thought Leader

Your Digital Formula Is The COMPLETE BLUEPRINT Helping You Grow Your Online Business

With the right mindset and the right tribe of coaches rallying RIGHT NOW to support you the moment you join—don't you think it's time to STOP doing what isn't working, and JOIN the movement online that is? It's time and we're waiting for you!

Think About It...

Hey...not everyone's results are the same because not everyone is at the same place in their business. But...If all you do is grow your Facebook page and reach more people with your healing message, or connect with growth minded entrepreneurs on similar journeys sharing their professional experience with you (helping you make better decisions about your own business), would it be worth it to you?



YDF - Mindset Modules

YDF - Platform Modules

YDF - Business Modules

YDF - Private Facebook Group, with Weekly Q/A with Steven

Admittance to YDF LIVE Group helping you grow your Facebook LIVE Viewership



"I launched my new product, JAY WELLNESS today after much nervousness and hesitation. Couldn't have done it without the encouragement of Iva, Maria, Steven and the other Bravehearts! Thank you!! "

Jen Atkinson
Facebook Page, Jen Atkinson Yoga

"Celebrating a wonderful year! This last year has been one of the best years of my life with so much growth. I've reconnected and made new connections. Joining YDF has not only helped me grow my page. I get to interact and learn from some of the most amazing people who help me grow and dream big! For that I am truly grateful!"

Leticia Rae Quijano
Facebook Page, Leticia Rae - Finding The Silver Lining

"I'd seen other 'social media gurus' making promises about how they could help but none of them felt right to me. Then a friend of mine shared a link to Steven's YDF and it just felt genuine and instantly appealed to me. I definitely made the right decision as I now have nearly 600,000 likes! "

Steve Wentworth
Facebook Page, Steve Wentworth

"Thank you Steven for creating the program and the group and to Maria who has always been available to help me. I feel that this group keeps me aligned with my purpose... not just about marketing."

Michelle House
Facebook Page, RICH Living with Michelle House

"I'm deeply grateful for meeting Steven and joining YDF. I've not only grown my Facebook page, I've been able to reach so many beautiful people with open hearts and open minds who are also looking for a positive change in their lives, my programs are inspired by them and created for them. "

Maria Flynn
Facebook Page, One Wise Life

"Without YDF I have to admit that I would probably have given up and gone back to my brick and mortar business roots in 2016. It has been amazing to feel part of the YDF "movement", even if it is only in such a small way. The special friendships I have made here, the love and support that exists for every's a truly unique community."

Lorri Emmott
Facebook Page, Life Rhino with Lorri Faye

"Steven truly cares, and is reflected in his amazing tribe. Once you're in his orbit, you'll never want to leave! I'm so grateful to have this man in my life, and I'm honored to be one of his success stories!"

Terri Cole
Facebook Page, Terri Cole, LCSW

I Believe In My Program and
I Believe in YOU!

I am so proud and so confident that this program will help you in your efforts to grow your tribe, live your passion and grow your business I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

When you join today you will have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Here’s what that means. Within 30 days I know that if you implement the steps in this program you will make a positive return on your investment into Your Digital Formula. And those results will compound in your business every single month. So take 30 days to go through all of the training PLUS take action and apply what you’ve learned. If by 30 days you feel that this education has not met the value I’ve promised, simply e-mail my team and we will provide you a full refund.

After 30 days, your refund is reduced to 50%.  For a 50% refund, you’ll need to provide proof that you applied everything I’ve taught you in the program and show us that it didn’t work for you. Providing proof, is the only way to receive a refund. After 60 days there is no refund. No exceptions. Sound fair? I think so!!


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